Decorating Consultant
Pamela Stiles

Why Hire Pamela Stiles...

There are Interior Designers and there are Interior Decorators.

There are Home Stagers and Organizers.

And then there is Pamela Stiles !

Pamela Stiles, Decorating Consultant

What is a Decorating consultant ?

When one hires a designer - it could cost thousands of dollars. Pamela works with homeowners that either want do it themselves and just need a little direction or with homeowners that want to save $$$$$$ with her valuable suggestions.

Taking on the task of updating a tired, out dated home can be  overwhelming. Once you arrange your appointment with Pamela, She will come to your home and help create your dream home !  Pam will help to make this adventure, to transition your  home, a much more enjoyable step by step laid out plan.

“I will walk, with you, through your entire home or the specific rooms you select. Taking notes and asking questions, along the way, which will help me come up with colours that  will flow naturally in your home. Colours that suit you, your home and your personality”.

“Colours are the primary link to all aspects of decorating. “

“Then we will take the features of each room apart to find the things you love and the things you don’t. With my years of experience and  expertise we will find the BALANCE, HARMONY, FLOW and STYLE that you desire. “

Pamela Stiles